Spring Water System

Siviwás, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Sponsored by: Seekers Class, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA

The community of Siviwás is located on the Bocay River in northern Nicaragua. Our good friends Ronnie and Angi Hopkins have been ministering to these communities for several years and we have had the pleasure of assisting them is several water projects. The community leaders from Siviwás approached Ronnie more than 2 years ago requesting assistance bringing clean water to the community. Last year Ronnie told them that they next "in line" for a water project, but he did not have a donor for the project - but God did!

In June of last year Hank Woolard of the Seekers Class of Oak Grove United Methodist Church contacted us. They had funded a well 12 years ago in Paraguay and wanted to fund another project. We contacted Ronnie to see if there was a project in the works and he was amazed. He had just told the Siviwás leaders that he would get them a water project but he had no idea how he was going to fund it. When we trust in the Lord - things just seem to work out!

Mountains where the spring is located

In December of last year Harry, one of the young men that Ronnie is ministering, made a visit to Siviwás to meet with the leaders and plan the project. He took photos of the spring location and discussed the project with the community leaders. The next tasks are to plan the route for the pipeline, design the water tank and make a detailed list of materials. Ronnie's standard procedure for these projects is that donors will pay for the pipe and cement but the community members provide all the labor, sand and gravel. They are a hard working bunch of folks!

Route up to the spring

Spring gushing from the rocks

We will be going to Nicaragua in March to work on the project, and we hope to have a good report on our progress. Thanks again to all the generous members of the Seekers Sunday School Class at Oak Grove UMC!

Technical Details

Project date: Ongoing

Location: To be determined

Elevation: To be determined

Project Cost: $10,000 (estimated)

Type of project: Installation of spring water collection and distribution system

People served: Community consists of about 300 people

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