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TMS Global - Our sending agency since 2000.  Check out their web site if you're looking for team training, news from missionaries around the world, or if you're thinking of joining the world of missionaries.

Cannon United Methodist Church; Snellville, GA - This is our home church while in the states.  They have 3 Sunday morning services, 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11:00 AM - the 9:30 is a contemporary service.  Adult Sunday school is available at the 9:30 and 11:00 hours.  All are welcome, so when in Snellville, stop by for a visit!

Living Water International - An inter-denominational Christian ministry committed to providing safe drinking water to those in developing countries.

Amigos for Christ - Christian organization doing various community projects in the vicinity of Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Bead Amigas - Looking for something different for a gift?  Check out this web site.  The Bead Amigas Mission Statement is:  "Bead Amigas believes that through art, education, and entrepreneurship, the poorest women in the world can lift themselves and their families out of poverty."

Little Beaver - This company is now fabricating and selling the Lone Star line of portable drill rigs that were orginally invented by Harry Westmoreland.  They have a great line of products and have continued to expand and improve the LS Drill Rig line.

New Horizons Methodist School - Christian school in Lambar, Paraguay started by Mission Society missionaries Mark and Johanna Waltz and being directed by Sue Givens, a missionary with Latin American Missions.

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