Spring Water System

Yakalwás, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Sponsored by: Steve & Sharon Harrison, Atlanta, GA
and by St. Luke United Methodist Church, Lexington, KY

The Yakalwás community is located on the River Bocay in northern Nicaragua. The community has approximately forty families with 150 children and is normally accessible only by boat and horseback. Our friends Ronnie & Angi Hopkins have been ministering in the area for several years. After building a school, it was decided that the next big need was a water project.

The community is almost 3 miles from the nearest spring and the total cost of materials was projected to be about $21,000. We teamed with St. Luke Methodist Church in Kentucky (who built the school), to complete the water project.

Digging pipeline trench

Hauling sand from river on horseback

The understanding that Ronnie Hopkins always has with the local church leaders and the community is that our ministries will buy the materials but the community members must provide the labor. They are always more than willing to do their part and are VERY hardworking folks. They dug about 4 miles of ditches to lay the pipeline and hauled hundreds of bags of sand from the river on horseback.

5,000 gallon concrete water tank

Clean water right at home!

The springs usually produce water at a low flow rate (5-10 gallons/minute), so it is important to have a water tank that fills over night. The pipeline runs to the village where the spigots provide water to each house. Since the houses have dirt floors, they always want the spigots outside. Imagine the difference between walking miles for a bucket of dirty river water versus having abundant clean water right outside your door!

Click to see video of School Band

The Yakalwás Marching Band showed up to show their appreciation for the new school and the water system. Just shows that you can make a joyful noise with anything if you have determination! Be sure to watch to the end to see the marching majorettes. To God be the Glory!!

Technical Details

Project date: April - July, 2019

Location: Community of Yakalwás, Department of Jinotega, Nicaragua

Project cost: $21,000 - Agua de Vida Ministry and St. Luke Methodist Church each contributed $10,500

Type of project: Spring water capture system

People served: Community consists of about 40 families with 150 children

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