Hand Pump Water Well

The Trinity Children's Center

Margibi County, Liberia

Sponsored by: Sharon and Steve Harrison, Sugar Hill, GA
Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL
Gracey Family, Mill Valley, CA

The Trinity Children's Center near Monrovia, Liberia is a school and residence for children who have lost one or both parents due to civil war or the Ebola Virus. The Center was started by Masa Gueh, a native-born Liberian who lives and works in the Atlanta, GA area. She works tirelessly raising funds to support the Center and spends 3 to 6 months each year at the Center

Masa Gueh - Center Founder and Director

Ed & Linda shortly after arriving

The Center has struggled with insufficient water sources from its beginning. Initially there was a hand dug well with wooden planks over the openning. The well was then closed with a concrete top and a hand pump. While this is far better than the previous open well, the well goes dry during the dry season and often the water is turbid. However, it is all the water available, so they make do with what they have.

Existing shallow well at the Center

Dirty water from shallow well

Our hopes for the Trinity Children's Center is to drill a deep well that will not go dry during the dry season and that will provide clear, clean water. With this goal in mind, we journeyed to Liberia in February 2016 to meet with Masa and to assess the steps needed to install a new well. We made contact with Austin Nyaplue, the Liberian Director of Living Water, International. These folks are a Godly group of "water missionaries" doing work all around the world. We are very pleased that they have agreed to take on our project and we pray that we will have a well drilled sometime this year.

Austin Nyaplue (beside Linda) - LWI Director

Linda reading with one of the school children

While we were visiting the Center we had the wonderful priviledge of spending time with the children and the Center staff. Linda spent time with one of the girls helping her with reading, Ed was able to talk about faith and history with some of the teachers, and we got to try some new and different food. For us, these experiences are what God has called us to - and the water wells are just the means to get us there.

School girl grinding leaves for lunch

Ladies preparing lunch for the school children

Please join us in prayer for this wonderful project. The brave, strong people of Liberia have been through so much. We pray that the well will be installed soon, and that it will be a wonderful blessing to the Center and the surrounding families. To God be the Glory!!


Living Water Driller at work

Thanking God for the hand pump

The Trinity Children's Center Director, Masa Gueh just got back from Liberia with some exciting news - Living Water was on site drilling the well. They have had a lot of difficulties keeping up with the demand for wells in Liberia, and with the inevitable equipment problems, but they kept their promise and drilled the well. We don't yet know the depth or total cost, but will find out soon. Praise the Lord!!

Technical Details

Project date: Ongoing

Location: Latitude - N 06° 14 15.8 Longitude - W 10° 24 10.6

Elevation: 116 ft. above sea level

Project Cost: $25,000 (estimated)

Type of project: Drilled well with hand pump

People served: School with 150 students & staff plus 25 surrounding families

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