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Nov 4, 2008 - Atacama Desert
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Fog collection device There is nothing in this desert We're talking NOTHING 
If we mention again about driving through northern Chile, please remind us about this area! We talked to some folks, and the area where the park is hasn´t had rain for 9 years!!! They said sometimes at night there may be a few sprinkles, but nothing sustainable. The small town inside the park has to have water trucked in for them. There are some areas that have never, in recorded history, had rainfall - and we believe it! There is NOTHING growing in this area!

You'll see a photo of a device used to collect fog. In the mornings, there is some fog. The locals "catch" this fog for some of the water needs. We're talking about a DRY environment!

We´re still not out of the desert, but spent yesterday driving along the coast. It was odd seeing a coast line next to a desert. You would think the sea would generate some water, but no. Today is another day of desert driving, but we should be in greener pastures soon.

Enjoy the photos.

BTW, thanks for all the prayers to open the Peruvian border. We´ve read it´s now open. We should be there in a day or two. Hopefully all the formerly detained trucks have passed on their way.

One other prayer request - Ed has been "under the weather" for about 4 days now. Not feeling too good, low fever at night, loss of appetite. This isn´t a fun time to be feeling poorly. Please pray for his returned normal smile.


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