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Nov 7, 2008 - Northern Chile
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Barren coast line, rocks down to the Pacific Ocean Tropic of Capricorn Cemetary in the sand 
Thanks to all who prayed for Ed's quick recovery. Linda was tired of driving in these mountain roads - so a BIG hug from her too.

Now for your small test. Two of the photos, named Missing #1 and Missing #2, indeed, have something missing. What is it? Next, on the runaway ramp photo, there is something wrong. What is it?

Okay, Northern Chile. What can we say - ROCKS! That's not really exciting unless you are a miner, mining engineer, own mining equipment, or just like grey dust everywhere. Our blue Hilux felt so at home. At restaurants and hotels, almost all the other vehicles were trucks too.

With all the dust around, there were lots of dust tornados to entertain us. They were rather exciting to watch, and kept us alert and engaged.

When we got into towns, they seemed like such an oasis. We've stayed at some really small, cute, friendly places along the way. None over about $45/night, so we are trying to budget. Food has been good too. Our last city in Chile was Arica, Chile. The town reminded us of San Francisco, CA. They said it never got hotter than about 82 and never colder than about 65. We ate a late lunch sitting in a restaurant right on the Pacific. It was great.

Then we drove into Peru - but that's the next entry.

Now for your test.

What's missing in #1 and #2 - GUARDRAILS!!! Yes, there are very few guardrails. Sometimes the drop offs were 100's of feet! It seemed like light years to Linda.

What's wrong - The emergency exit lane is on the left side of the road! So, just head on, without brakes, into the oncoming traffic. They will help slow you down. Then they can plunge into the guardrailless abyss below!


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