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Well No. 21

Methodist Technical School - Yrybucua

 Sponsors - St. Mark United Methodist Church

Pensacola, Florida

In Memory of Glenn Taylor

The Community Korean Methodist Church of Englewood, New Jersey has been a long time supporter of the Methodist Church of Paraguay, and their most recent project is construction of a technical school in the town of Yrybucua.  This large facility will need a dependable water supply, so the Agua de Vida Ministry agreed to drill them a well.  The funds for this project were donated by the St. Mark United Methodist Church in memory of the husband of Mrs. Vera Taylor. 

Methodist Technical School under construction

Members of the Yrybucua Methodist Church did the drilling

The well is located on the site of the Methodist School and drilling went smoothly.  We employed a group of 4 young Paraguayans, all members of the Yrybucua Methodist Church, to do the drilling.  Two of the team had worked with us on other wells and they did a great job.  Since there is no water service at the site, we had to haul water from a nearby stream - Arroyo Yrybucua - which translates to Buzzard Hole Creek!!!

Ed and Samuel getting water for the drilling

The guys building the well house and power pedestal

There was no established electric service at the site so we ran underground electric power to the well site.  We put in an electric service pedestal and well house to protect the well and the power connection.  As always, the kids always love to play in the water while we were cleaning out the well.  Lots of fun on a hot day.

Kids playing in the water while we clean out the well

The tank temporarily located on the first floor

Since the roof of the school had not yet been finished, and the site needed water, we located the tank temporarily on the first floor.  As always, Linda painted the tank the Paraguay flag colors with the facility name.  The Yrybucua Technical School will be a grand blessing to the area, and a dependable water supply will help the school as well as the neighborhood.  Thanks to the folks at the St. Mark UMC!!

 Technical Details


Sponsor:    St. Mark UMC, in Memory of Vera Taylor's husband

Drilling date: Aug 22-27, 2007

Location:   Latitude -   S24 28.654       Longitude - W 056 05.106' 

Elevation:     175 meters above mean sea level

Total cost:    $2,781

Drill depth:  60.8 meters

Soil types encountered:    clayey sand and sandstone

Static groundwater level: 12.2 meters below top of casing

Dynamic groundwater level:  20 meters below top of casing

Installed well depth:  60.0 meters

Length of screened section:  18 meters

Length of gravel packed section:   36 meters

Length and type of sealed section:  1 meter of bentonite pellets

Pump description:    1 hp electric submersible pump

Depth to base of pump:   38 meters

Flow rate:    2,000 liters per hour


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