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Nov 26, 2008 - URGENT Prayer Request
Please pray for us right now! We're having trouble getting our truck shipped out of Ecuador. You may recall we mentioned how "easy" it was to get processed into Ecuador at customs on the border with our truck. The man just looked at everything, signed off, and we were on our way. Well, apparently he neglected to give us a new form referred to as a DJT. It's a new form just intruduced this year.

Our agent helping us get the truck shipped out just found out yesterday about the missing form. The customs agent here in Guayaquil will not let our truck out of the country without this form. The first deadline for getting in the container was at 12:00 noon today (Wed. 11/26/2008), for ship departure of Thurs. 11/27/2008. We've missed that!

Now the agent here has sent a person back down to the border where we came into Ecuador with copies of our paperwork to get the DJT. The agent has also found another container ship that leaves on Fri. 11/28/2008. This now gives us till 12:00 noon tomorrow (Thur. 11/27/2008) to have the truck at the contaienr loading dock - will ALL papers in order!

We ask for several prayers regarding this situation. First, ask for intervention to get the paperwork finished so we can load the truck on the container by noon tomorrow (11/27/2008). Second, ask for safety of the container ship as it makes its way to Panama City, Panama. Third, pray that the customs agent in Panama will release the truck to us without problems. We have a few things in the truck, i.e. tools, spare tires, miscellaneous car "stuff". Pray that the truck is released to us without having to pay additional fees. Fourth, pray for our travel to Panama City via plane. We will be flying with a little excess weight in our bags, so pray the agent at the ticket counter is gracious and will allow our excess weight.

Thank you - we have learned that prayer is the only way to get through this ordeal!


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