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Oct 21, 2008 - Still in Asuncion, Paraguay
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Fenix Port in Asuncion, Paraguay
This photo shows the port here in Asuncion where the ship with our container will be leaving from - and YES, we are still in Asuncion! We are waiting for the ship to actually leave so we can receive our final documents for our container. Without these documents, we can't pick up the container in Nicaragua. Therefore, we are still in Asuncion!

We went out to the port today and the port officials told us the ship would leave "probably tomorrow" (that's 10/22), and that they are "waiting for other ships". We asked if our container was on the ship, and she said no. When asked if the ship could be loaded and leave on the same day, and the response was "it depends on how much they have to load". So...please pray that the ship leaves soon!


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