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Oct 31, 2008 - More of Chile
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First church in Chile Ed & Daniel Fishing fleet in La Serena 
After leaving our new friends Ivan & Silvia, we headed North into Chile. At this point, we are officially on the PanAmerican Highway! YEA!!

One of the things we've enjoyed seeing is the different plant life along the road. In Paraguay, we were almost over spring and into summer. Here in Chile, spring is just beginning. There are lots of avocados & artichokes growing - it reminds us of California. In Argentina & Chile, there are lots of grapes. Sometimes there are fields of grapes as far as you can see.

We traveled from La Calera to La Serena, Chile. Once we left La Calera, we were traveling along the coast and lovin' every view.

In Serena, we stayed in another home. Daniel is a friend of Ivan's, and invited us to stay in his home for the night. It was pleasant to visit with him and his family. What was interesting is that at both homes we were served the same dinner. Obviously this must be the norm meal in Chile in the evening. Both homes served ham, cheese, breads, great avocado mixed with lemon & salt, and offered hot tea or coffee. The evening meal is served around 9:00 PM, so being a light meal was a blessing.

As we left Daniel's home, we stopped to visit the first Methodist church in Chile. It was founded in 1878, and still has services. La Serena is on the coast, so we visited the shore and saw lots of fishing boats. This day (10/31) is a holiday, so many places were closed. It's a national holiday, but the evangelicals all over the country are given the opportunity to share the gospel in the town plaza.

We are currently in Copiapo, Chile; where the town square is filled with lots of preaching and music.

Along the route North into Chile, we leave the shoreline and head back toward the Andes. We are currently in the Southern end of the Atacama Desert. We keep saying, "this isn't the desert", but check out the photo - looks like a desert to us! Yet tomorrow we may see even dryer areas.

By the way, we've now driven 2,658 km. (1,648 miles) of our calculated 8,305 km. (5,149 miles). So we're about 1/4 of the way from our destination.

One issue we do need prayers now - the border between Chile and Peru is CLOSED! Yes, apparently the Chilean government closed the border because the Peruvians were protesting - that's all the info we know. It's been closed for 3 days. We have about 2 or 3 more days of traveling in Chile, so pray for the opening of the border.


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