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Oct 26, 2008 - Argentina at last!
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Monument which dipicts 22 people killed in 1976 Sculpture on a side street in Resistencia Lots of sunflowers growing along the route from Resistencia to Santa Fe
We finally drove out of Paraguay this past Thursday, 10/23/2008. We've been reading the book of Exodus every morning as a morning devotional, and the morning we left we were on chapter 7. Intereting, this is the chapter when Moses & Aaron started their trials with the Pharoh in earnest. So we began our trials to reach Nicaragua.

Our first stop was in Resistencia, Argentina. Not a long drive the first day, just 300 km. (that's 186 miles). This city is called the "city of sculptures" and, indeed, we found lots.

Our daily driving schedule isn't long, maximum of about 400 miles, but the roads we travel are 2 lane, small highways with no shoulders and lots of small towns where we have to drive slowly. We also want to arrive to our next city before dark - we don't have hotel reservations along the way. We have been stopping at the visitor's information center and using the Lonely Planet travel book for hotel suggestions.

Also, we are stopped by the police LOTS of times and asked "where are you from" and "where are you going". Simple questions:

"Where are you from" - now does that mean where were we born, where is our legal address, where is our mailing address, where have we lived the past 7 years, or where were we last night? We are traveling with Paraguayan license plates, and international driver's license. So, how to answer? Our answer needs to "match" the amount of luggage we have, etc.

"Where are you going" - do we say the next place we plan to spend the night? If so, why do we have so much luggage? A Latino can travel for a month with just 1 small backpack! So we usually say the next major tourist spot, i.e. Mendoza, Argentina.

So far, our answers have not upset the police, and we haven't been arrested - YET!


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